"For Sale" sign in your front yard doesn't become an advertisement for thieves

Dated: October 14 2019

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Let's start with an obvious situation: if you are moving out of your home while it's on the market -- that is, if it will be vacant, staged or not, during the sale and open house -- you simply must have some kind of security on-site.

When it comes to home security, you should be serious about protecting your property. This should make it a relatively easy question, then, when it comes time to decide whether to advise investing on security. The answer is usually yes.

Make sure the "For Sale" sign in your front yard doesn't become an advertisement for thieves to gain easy access to a property.

Try these simple tips to keep it safe:

1st. Do not to keep large amounts of cash in the house (or invest in a fireproof home safe) and always keep jewelry, cash and other valuable items in it.

2nd. Secure your wireless network and change the password regularly , so you can keep all "nanny cams" operational during the sale.

3rd. Always tell potential buyers or buyers agents to contact me your Realtor so that they use my lockbox (it keeps a record of everyone who has been in your house.

Did you know? That during open houses, I make sure I'm staffed appropriately for the size of the property? I have trusted professional agents as members of my team on hand to patrol different portions of the home while strangers are there ;-)

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