Do roof tiles keep the water out of the structure?

Dated: January 11 2019

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What most people fail to understand is that concrete tiles do very little (if anything) to keep moisture out of the home. In fact they're not water tight at all. The primary purpose of concrete tiles is to protect the tar paper or "felt", as it is known in the building industry that is located under the tiles. The felt is petroleum impregnated and repels water. Oil and water do not mix. Tiles do nothing to keep the water out of the structure.

"Their purpose is to protect the felt."

Without the concrete tiles installed over the felt the felt would be exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight carries strong ultraviolet rays. (UV rays cause the petroleum in the felt to evaporate). When the felt dries out from prolonged exposure to UV rays the felt then loses its ability to repel water and the potential for a leak is high. Concrete tiles protect the felt from the damaging ultraviolet rays and also act as an insulator. It's truly not difficult to figure out.

So to recap:

Cracked tiles are a common occurrence.
Concrete tiles do not repel water. 
Concrete tiles protect the felt.
The felt provides the watertight integrity for the roof.

Generally most Roofing Contractors will charge between $200 and $300 to perform the needed deferred maintenance. The cost can rise if additional issues are discovered. It is important that the Roofing Contractor provide an assessment of any felt that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays. If the Roofing Contractor determines that the felt has been damaged then a section of the roof may need to be lifted in order to replace the damaged felt and restore the roof to a sound condition. This can increase the cost of repairs considerably.

Every real estate agent in Southern Nevada knows that roofing issues are common issues in a home inspection report. What I recommend to my buyers is to get a home inspection that has a drone for a view that gives my buyers the most information about their future home purchase. 

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