25 Things to Help Sell Your Home Fast!

Dated: June 23 2020

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Increase your chances of getting your house sold fast in Las Vegas market.

1. Remove all family photos

2. Remove unnecessary furniture

3. Remove any smoke or pet odors.

4. Clean or replace carpet

5. Let fresh air in when possible

6. Open all shade/blinds, let in the light, during showings

7. Turn on all lights, day or night.

8. Declutter all rooms, closets, and shelves

9. Keep home clean at all times

10. Get some type of scented aroma

11. Repair walls and trim where needed (repaint)

12. Wash all windows inside and out.

13. Clean all light bulbs and light fixtures to brighten the home.

14. Repair or replace handrails and banisters

15. Set dinner table at table and or island

16. Kitchen and baths sell home, be sure that they’re spotless

17. Remove any appliances and large tray from kitchen and baths

18. Remove all items from bathroom beside décor and soaps

19. Make beds every day, no clothing on the floor

20. Make sure all tile and glass in the kitchen and baths are spotless

21. Re-caulk and re-grout wherever needed

22. Repair or replace tile/stone in the shower/tub.

23. New shower curtain, keep closed and clean

24. Clean towels should be out for décor.

25. Professional clean inside of appliances and cabinets (every buyer looks in them)

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