How I Grab Buyers Attention With My Listings In Las Vegas

Dated: October 23 2021

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Research by a major consumer products company revealed people give them a three- to seven-second window before they decide whether or not to buy a product.

In real estate, that means a seller has about seven seconds to make a favorable impression before a consumer moves on.

Here’s how I make the most of those seven seconds.

Bring sellers up to speed on the market. I let my sellers know that a high percentage of today’s buyers are looking for turnkey homes. Spending $1,000 on an upgrade could add $2,000 to $3,000 to the sale. The goal is to present a home that meets buyers’ criteria and resonates with their tastes. For example, buyers want updated kitchens and baths with quality countertops, contemporary tile, upscale laminate floors, and energy-saving features.

Be reasonable about upgrades. I advise my sellers not to over-improve. I have them go for the maximum effect at the lowest cost. I encourage them to concentrate on removing objections, rather than on making wholesale renovations.

Stage. Staging works and is especially effective in having online pictures look their best on mobile devices. If staging isn’t cost-effective in their market, I consider virtual staging. I just may sure staged furnishings match current styles.

Max out the visuals. I want 30 to 40 magazine-quality stills, a video, a 3D tour (e.g., Matterport), floor plan, and drone footage. Many photographers can produce a low-cost video from their stills that you can also post on social media. For high-end luxury properties, I consider a more expensive video production.

Lead with the best. I show your best photos first—a fantastic shot of the outside, and follow with the key areas of the home, with special attention to features I want to showcase. Then I go to the bedrooms, hallways, and other areas. I finish with drone shots that show the neighborhood and nearby amenities. Keep in mind that if viewers like what they see, they’ll spend more time on my listing, before they write an offer.

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