Bedroom Improvements That Sell In Las Vegas

Dated: September 30 2021

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Staged Bedrooms Sell

This seems counterintuitive, but if you’ve had your eye on a new bedroom set, consider splurging before you sell your house—new furniture can do wonders when you’re staging to sell. For a budget-friendly alternative to new furniture, try creating a focal wall behind the bed’s headboard. You’ll also want to swap dingy bedding for something a little more photogenic. Finally, remember to remove any personal touches that will make it hard for buyers to see themselves in the space.

Cleaned Out Closets

Who doesn’t want more closet space? Adding a simple closet organizer can help buyers visualize how they’ll neatly store their clothes. Simply decluttering can also make a small closet look bigger. If you have a room without a closet, consider purchasing an armoire to show how buyers will be able to stow their stuff.

Work From Home Space

Once upon a time, home offices were a novelty that appealed only to certain home buyers. These days, they’re a must-have. Consider staging spare bedrooms, dens, or other unused spaces as home offices to show buyers how they’ll be able to optimize the space to work from home. You can also set up a small home gym to pique buyers’ interest.

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