Google "Zillow complaints" and take a look for yourself.

Dated: July 15 2019

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Did you know that Zillow has a very big problem? (you can watch the podcast about Zillow's Zestimates problem below)

Besides the problem with Zestimates, the problem is a lot of people are not happy finding their home on Zillow (even tho they are not selling it). Take a look at these complaints online: 

"If you are looking at ** this house is not for sale. I have sent several letters to Zillow. No response phone calls. What a joke. Please stop sending request to buy my house. I am going to put a large sign out in front of house not for sale!!! I do not know how Zillow received this information!"

and then there is this:

"Someone put my house up for sale on Zillow. I contacted them to remove it and almost a month later they responded to tell me I need to send legal documentation to prove the house is mine. How about them getting legal documentation before allowing people to commit fraud on their website? Zillow needs to review how people are able to post houses for sale on their website. They make it easy to scam and difficult to correct it."

Did you know that Zillow is NOT accredited on the Better Business Bureau site? Ouch! Just Google "Zillow complaints" and take a look for yourself.

What can you do about Zillow?

Just click on the "HERE" and I'd be happy to show you active homes you can buy!

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