How to Buy A Home In A Sellers Market In Las Vegas, NV (video)

Dated: May 10 2021

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It can be a challenge to find the right real estate agent when it's a sellers market in Las Vegas, NV.

How do you know if you’ve found the right one? What qualities should you look for when selecting an agent in Las Vegas?

I’ve put together the H.O.T. list that is critical qualities that every real estate agent should possess.

H ... (Honest) When it comes to selling your home, you want your agent to be brutally honest about what your home is worth and what you can do to raise the value of your home. Don’t take it personally if your agent tells you to rip out that shag rug or repaint the neon lime walls in your home. They know what sells. Also, your agent should be transparent about how he or she determined the price. You should be able to see which resources were used to estimate the value and how the amenities of the listing impact the price.

O ... (Operates w/ Local Data) Your agent should know how to retrieve localized data and use it effectively. Local data points, including buyer demographics (who they are, where they are) and housing trends (top regions, average value of similar homes, home improvement spending), can be used to price your home competitively, market appropriately, and negotiate intelligently.

T ... (Tech Savvy) Gone are the days of people finding home listings through the newspaper or real estate advertisements. You need your agent to know the ins and outs of selling a home online. From Zillow and Trulia and every other real estate website in between, they need to have a strong online presence to sell your home. Most buyers won’t even come to see a home if there isn’t a great online description, accompanied by both images and videos of the property. Look at your agent’s portfolio of homes for sale to see how they represent their other clients’ properties.

You want an agent who creates HD videos and high-resolution images for prospective buyers to see. Your real estate agent can make or break your home buying or selling experience.

Always meet an agent in person before hiring one and ask tons of questions to make sure he or she has qualities of a great agent.

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