I protect my clients with a second level of protection.

Dated: September 27 2019

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Market research shows that an average Las Vegas, NV real estate agent will spend nearly 20 hours performing their own transaction management paperwork. That is a lot of paperwork! 

I realize the importance of communication in my business and do everything I can to ensure everyone is in constant contact. I incorporate multiple channels of communication in our day to day operations. That's why I protect my clients with a second level of protection.

Meet my Transaction Coordinator: Stacey Jamison

What is a transaction coordinator?

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages all details involved in closing a Las Vegas, NV real estate transaction and monitors the entire process through agents, clients, escrow companies and property management companies.

With years of real estate know-how, my TC can:

  • Prepare listing materials, including seller's disclosures.
  • Collect signatures from all involved parties.
  • Send deadline reminders to both you and the buyer.
  • File appropriate paperwork, and let you know if you're missing something.
  • Scan your contract for any inconsistencies.
  • Create a transaction management file with all the details in one place.
  • Send out copies of the contract to all necessary parties.
  • Follow up with agents through every step of the closing process.
  • Coordinate your move-out schedule.
  • Wrap up any needed details after the sale has closed.

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