Looking for a Fixer-Upper? Don't Look in Las Vegas, NV

Dated: August 4 2021

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Las Vegas real estate mark is so hot, not even a fixer-upper can save you money. This is according to the latest data from Porch.com. They looked at current real estate listings in 500 markets across the U.S. to determine where you might save the most buying a fixer-upper home.

Las Vegas is not one of them. We ranked No. 5

For cities where fixer-uppers are discounted the least right now, coming in behind Boston, Mesa, Arizona, Riverside, California, and Phoenix.

The best place for fixer-uppers is Omaha, Nebraska, discounted at a whopping 62%. For comparison, the average fixer-upper discount nationally is 25%.

The average discount in Las Vegas is 3%.

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