Mold spores are in the air you're breathing right now.

Dated: February 15 2019

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The fact is mold spores are in the air you're breathing right now. It's not a mysterious substance and it's actually quite easy to address.

What many people call a "mold test" is actually mold sampling and analysis. The most common type of sampling is through the collection of airborne samples that are sent off to a lab and analyzed for content. This type of testing actually costs several hundred dollars.

Having a "mold test" is a complete waste of money if there are no indications of mold present or if there are no conditions present that would be conducive to the establishment and growth of mold; a leak.

In places like Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington there is enough moisture in the air that mold can literally grow on the sidewalks. In Southern Nevada our atmosphere is very arid. So arid that we can walk into a home that has been vacant for three weeks and find all the water has evaporated out of the toilets! For mold to become established and grow here it has to be the result of a leak.

If you ever have a "mold test" performed and mold is determined to exist the course of action will always be, "Locate and isolate the source of moisture". If moisture is found then we have a condition that is conducive to the establishment and growth of mold and that warrants further action.

If there are no indications of moisture then a "mold test" is not warranted. Hopefully this clears the air about mold (and ... you can stop holding your breath now)!

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