New Year’s resolution to motivated you for a healthier lifestyle!

Dated: December 21 2018

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The New Year is upon us and we all know New Year’s resolutions get us motivated for healthier lifestyles. Instead of rushing out to buy a gym membership, why not have a smart home gym?

The bike to get that aerobic hit!

The Peloton indoor exercise bike features a big full HD touchscreen that can deliver cycling metrics in real time including cadence and resistance.

You can also join in on live classes and there's a built in camera so you can talk to other people in the class. “The Official Peloton Rider Page on Facebook has over 50,000 members. You can make new friends there and post questions and receive quick answers from more experienced riders. It’s a great place to receive and give encouragement and support to other riders as well!

Home mini-gym packs detachable smart handles!

Don't have all have the luxury of a giant studio apartments to work out in, so Hong Kong based startup Move It has come with an all in one gym equipment that takes that fully into consideration. The Move It unfolds to become four pieces of exercise gear that should help you get fit. 

Move It smart home gym, is a set of training equipment and a pair of smart sensors that connect to your mobile phone.

Lack of a home gym can no longer be an excuse. It's time to be thinking about health and fitness in the new year the smart way with a smart home gym!

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