Pre-Move Checklist For Las Vegas Homeowners.

Dated: August 25 2021

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When you finally settle on a home in Las Vegas, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of everything. You may find yourself picking out flowers for the front yard or light fixtures for your bathroom before taking care of necessities like updating your address or taking care of repairs.

Here are five simple actions you can take before moving in so that you can focus on the fun stuff as soon as you get there.

1. Take Care of Repairs

After the home is inspected, make a detailed list of any possible repairs or maintenance items that you can address before moving in. While the extra cost may seem annoying at the time, it’s often worth it to go ahead and take care of repairs right away rather than waiting until after you move. Ripping out old carpet and putting in new windows are much easier tasks before you’ve settled into your home.

2. Set Up Utilities

The last thing you want to find out the week you move in is that you haven’t set up your utility services. Many utility companies have a lag time between when you set up an account and when services begin. You will want to begin researching how to set up utilities for your address weeks before your first night in the house.

3. Redirect Mail

Too many new homeowners move to their new address thinking they can wait a little bit before worrying about redirecting mail. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your address is vital for many crucial items, such as insurance documents, bank account notices and health information. Be sure to notify the USPS as soon as possible so that they can begin forwarding mail to your new address.

4. Check Security and Alarms

Before moving in, make sure you check the security features in your new home. If the current system is not to your standards, consider replacing it before you move in. You will want to ensure that your home is the safest it can be before spending your first night there.

5. Change the Locks

Another safety precaution to take before moving in is changing the locks. Sometimes the previous owners will take care of this feature for you, but sometimes it can be hard to confirm. If you have any questions about how old the locks are, make sure you update them so you can feel confident you are the only one who has a key.

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