See a home in Virtual 360 before you go out!

Dated: 03/07/2019

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Here are 8 ways to buy at the BEST price F.A.S.T.E.S.T.!

8 ITEMS TO LOOK FOR (before you buy):

1. First - have they cleaned or paint walls and ceilings?
2. Always - look for cleaned flooring and fixtures – lights, fans.
3. Stop - and take time to check if they have repaired all plumbing leaks? 
4. Takeout - have they removed excessive wall hangings, furniture and extra personal goods. Does it have good bones?
5. Everything - did you open the drapes so you can see everything? 
6. Smell- what is the homes scent? Strong odors you can't identify?  
7. Time - did you spend enough time at the property to answer all your questions?.

8. ! - Did you see the home, and did you see it in 360 before you went out?

The above video is how I help buyers see homes (I shoot video's in 360 when you can't be there) this is the BEST and FASTEST way for you the buyer to see and buy your home!

Call me and I'll shoot your dream home before you buy!

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