The 5 Scariest Items a Home Inspector Could Find on Your Home Purchase

Dated: October 30 2021

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A red flag is if you hear a home inspector say, “I’ve never seen this before in Las Vegas!”

Here are the top 5 Scariest Items you need to be aware of in Las Vegas

1. R-22 Refrigerant (freon)

  • This is the stuff that makes old air conditioners work—and since it’s no longer being manufactured, repairing systems that use it has become costly. A repair that was once maybe $200 could now be well over $1,000. An A/C that uses R-22 doesn’t need to be replaced immediately, but when it needs repair, it should be replaced instead. Keep in mind that an A/C will likely conk out in the middle of summer, when contractors get backed up and prices may be inflated. So it may be prudent to replace a creaky old system before it breaks.”

2. Foundation Cracks

  • These are bad because they can be enormously expensive to repair properly, and the consequences of poor repair can be structural collapse. It could be a "structural problem” is a phrase buyers are particularly wary of. Typically a structural engineer will be called in. That could end up costing no more than the engineer’s fee if it’s determined to be an insignificant deficiency, but, it could require remediation to correct the problem.

3. Broken Trusses

  • Altering roof trusses can seriously affect the structural integrity of the roof. We see truss sections cut to accommodate pull-down attic stairs, or to install a new air conditioner, or even in an attempt to make the ‘wasted space’ in the attic more usable. Fixing these trusses requires a structural engineer’s input. As well as thousands to fix.

4. Polybutylene Pipe

  • This water pipe, typically gray in color, was widely used in the 1980s, and was subject to a class action settlement because the joints tended to fail, causing flooding. We still see it, and we always recommend replacing it. The bill generally starts at about $10,000.

5. Bad Electrical Panels

  • There are brands of electrical panels—often called fuse boxes or breaker boxes—that we always recommend replacing, due to safety issues. They haven’t been manufactured for decades, yet we still see them. All of them have issues with not tripping properly when excess current goes through them. These breakers also have issues with electrical arcing, leading to fires inside the panel. New electrical panels will run you around $5,000 to $6,000.
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