The Edge When it Comes to Smart Staging.

Dated: October 23 2020

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As consumer demand for smart home tech has soared so has the number of companies claiming to offer the best products and services. When 79% of Real Estate agents say that buyers are interested in smart home tech and 54% of sellers say they would install it to make their home sell faster – you know that smart home is a trend worth understanding.

My clients have a further edge when it comes to smart staging. The Smart Home Staging kit. 

The kit provides you with a marketing edge.

Preliminary data shows that homes designated and marked as a smart home are receiving two times more conversions than the site average websites. “Putting in smart home tech helps a property stand-out against the competition,” says Ricardo Rodriguez, sales associate with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Boston, Massachusetts. “Smart Home gives a listing an edge and can allow you to position it at a more advantageous price point.”

The smart home staging kit includes smart home tech from the most popular product categories:

SmartThings Cam, SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug and SmartThings Smart Bulb.

  • SmartThings Cam has a full-HD resolution and supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), 145-degree wide-angle video. It is able to "intelligently" detect objects and motions in an instant, according to the manufacturer. It is connected to the SmartThings app which can send notifications to the owner's phone about what it detects.

  • SmartThings Cam and Wifi Smart Plug do not require a SmartThings Hub for set up, which can be done through home Wi-Fi.

  • Smart Plug can enable smart features with nearly every lamp or electronic device in the home. 

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