Tips To Reduce Water Use and Save Your Plants in Las Vegas.

Dated: September 10 2021

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First and most important is to learn how to read your water meter. Learn how to read your water meter and check it to monitor the rate of water use. This will also help you to see if you have any leaks.

  • Check your drip systems for leaks and over-spray.

Understand how to use your irrigation controller and check how often and for how long the water comes on. Don't water for 15 minutes twice daily, as this actually causes shallow root growth and reduces a plant's ability to withstand dry conditions. Water for longer periods but much less frequently. You'll use less water and make what you do use more beneficial to your landscape.

  • Focus all water use on shrubs and trees.

Lawns, annuals, and perennials can be replaced. Let your lawn go brown, but deep water the lawn area monthly to protect valuable trees and shrubs whose roots are growing under the lawn and depend on the water from irrigating the lawn. A large, twenty-year-old tree is worth a lot in terms of the cooling effects of its shade and the food value of its flowers to pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds (who still need to eat during droughts). You can't buy back time!

  • Rip out your lawn and replace it with gravel? Don't!

This knee-jerk reaction amplifies the urban heat island effect that increases the temperatures in our urban and suburban areas. And this increased heat actually decreases rain/snowfall and increases drought intensity. On a more personal level, big patches of gravel makes your house too hot and increase your need for air conditioning. This simply moves the water use from your home to the electrical generating stations, where huge amounts of water are used for cooling the generating equipment.

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