Two Inside Secrets to Multiple Offers (plus a bonus secret)

Dated: August 18 2021

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Multiple offers?

Follow these two steps in the future but allow for flexibility when the situation calls for it. If you have limited experience with multiple offers, I would be happy to consult with you, I have had success in this area here in Las Vegas. 

Make two offers.

If a seller or sellers agent fails to yield much information about what the sellers are trying to achieve, I have my buyers make two offers. The buyers should be comfortable with both, but each should offer a different type of value to the seller. This approach shows a strong desire on the part of my buyers, and it communicates their willingness to work, and separates themselves from the crowd.

Use the right kind of persuasion.

You can persuade others with facts, with emotions, or by asking the right question. Money can be compelling, but so can emotional factors, such as the fact that a home would be perfect for a veteran or a handicapped person with a lower offer. Instead of buyers’ “love letters,” I write up a buyers’ “resume.” These can be persuasive while avoiding potential Federal Fair Housing issues.

INSIDE SECRET: I ask the listing agent the right questions.

The better questions separate my buyers from the crowd. I concentrate on “what” and “how”, and avoid “why” questions, which can seem aggressive.

Some examples:

  • What would the perfect offer look like to your sellers and you?
  • What are the sellers looking for in an offer that they haven’t already seen?
  • How do your sellers feel about putting their home on the market?
  • How would your sellers feel if an investor bought their home versus a family who would live in it?

Think of questions that both elicit useful information and demonstrate care which could positively influence the situation.

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